Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Principles

    • Divine Feminine Principles

      The concepts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine encapsulate natural energies such as passive/active, caring/protecting, forgiving/conquering, and others. While commonly misunderstood as descriptors of sexuality, femininity, and masculinity, these attributes transcend gender and are inherent in every individual.
      Recognizing and harmonizing these energies is essential for achieving inner balance and harmony.

      Divine Feminine Principles

      The lunar energy channel, Ida Nadi, is associated with the feminine nature, symbolizing receptivity, intuition, and nurturing qualities. Engaging in Chandra Bhedana Pranayama (left nostril breathing) is a practice that facilitates calming the mind, cultivating compassion, and restoring emotional balance. This technique activates the rest and digest mode in your body, promoting relaxation and inner peace.
      The Divine Feminine Principle affirms the profound significance of surrendering to life’s natural flow and embracing acceptance as a pathway to inner peace. By relinquishing the need to control every aspect of our existence, we open ourselves to the wisdom of the universe and find solace in the inherent order of things.
      Through acts of creativity, whether through art, writing, or other forms of self-expression, we tap into the source of our innermost being, forging a deeper connection to the divine and awakening the dormant potential within us. Embracing creativity allows us to transcend limitations, channel our unique essence into the world, and infuse a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

      Moon/Chandra Significance:

      • Accept what you cannot change
      • Be soft. Forgive.
      • Create beautiful things.
      • Cultivate, plant, or do something good for Mother Earth.
      • Embrace the color grey.
      • Honor a female goddess that resonates with you.

      The Moon guides and strengthens these principles, waxing and waning with a propensity for change. A positive placement enhances individual qualities, while a negative placement may lead to issues. Each person’s dosha combination and natal chart are unique, requiring individual evaluation. Apart from Chandra Bhedana, enhancing Moon qualities involves attentiveness and care for mother and female figures.

    • Divine Masculine Principles

      Divine Masculine Principles

      The solar channel, Pingala Nadi, serves as the channel for masculine energy within the body. Engaging in Surya Bhedana Pranayama (right nostril breathing) is a potent practice to activate this channel and harness the transformative energies of the Sun. This technique not only strengthens masculine qualities but also enhances motivation, vitality, and mental clarity. By focusing on the breath through the right nostril, we can dispel lethargy and uplift low moods.
      Cultivating and stimulating Divine Masculine Principles strengthens assertiveness, logic, and leadership. Taking decisive action based on clear intent is key to manifesting desires into reality. Whether it’s the pursuit of personal goals, new skills, or simply enhancing clarity of thought, acting with purpose and determination propels us toward fulfillment.
      By reinforcing decisiveness and stability through conscious effort and practice, one can embody the strength and resilience inherent in the Divine Masculine.
      Sun/Surya Significance:
      Identity/ Individuality/Clarity/Vision/Ego/Self-Esteem/Nature/Consistency/Vitality

      • Assertiveness and confidence.
      • Reason, logic, and discipline.
      • Plan, structure, and discernment.
      • Black or white.
      • Honor a male god that speaks to you.
    • Balancing Divine Masculine Energies

      Balancing Divine Masculine Energies

      The principles of the Sun embody purity, sattva, morality, and vitality. A well-placed Sun blesses individuals with good health, character, and a healthy metabolism, offering an understanding of nature and cosmic laws for harmonious life progress. However, an aggravated Sun may lead to ego issues and a self-centered nature. An afflicted Sun can produce individualistic and tyrannical tendencies, resulting in struggles with authorities and external achievements without introspection. A weak Sun results in inconsistency, instability, and difficulty in decision-making. Strengthen the Sun through charitable deeds on Sundays, fasting, honoring a father figure, and performing Surya Namaskar.

      By balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies we can cultivate harmony, emotional resilience, and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

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