Vikruti Quiz

    Vikruti quiz offers powerful insight into the current state of balance of your doshas. Understanding your mind-body balance can assist you in applying appropriate practices to restore balance.


    Using the following scale, indicate the extent to which each statement applies to your life experiences over the past 40 days.


    • Assign a score of 1 if the answer is NOT AT ALL.
    • Assign a score of 3 if the answer is SOMEWHAT OR OCCASIONALLY.
    • Assign a score of 5 if the answer is VERY OFTEN.

    Then, TOTAL each column.

    The lowest possible score per category is 5 and the highest is 25.
    Once you’ve totaled each column, refer to Interpreting Your Results, at the bottom.

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    1. Vata Mind

    I have been distracted, foggy and I lack focus.

    I have experienced anxiety, overthinking, and over worrying.

    My life has been emotionally turbulent and unstable. I have gone through major change.

    I have had a hard time sticking to my choices and making decisions.

    I have been sensitive to loud noises and crowded places.

    2. Vata Body

    I have experienced bodily weakness, cramps, or fatigue.

    My digestion has been irregular. I have gas/bloating.

    I have lost weight even though that wasn’t my intention.

    My mouth, eyes and skin have been dry. My nails and hair have been brittle.

    I have experienced interrupted sleep (especially between 2AM-6AM)

    3. Pitta Mind

    I have been immersed in my work, daily routine, or projects.

    I have felt irritable, frustrated, or impatient.

    I have had difficulty relaxing, going to bed on time and unwinding in the evening.

    I have been more prone to arguments, jealousy, irritability in interactions with others.

    I have been very sensitive to feedback or criticism from others.

    4. Pitta Body

    I have had acid reflux or heartburn.

    I have had loose stools or multiple stools per day.

    I have been experiencing red, itchy, or irritated skin.

    I have experienced fever or inflammation in the body – joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, or skin rashes/cold sores.

    I have been experiencing increased appetite.

    5. Kapha Mind

    I have been accumulating clutter in my life.

    I have been feeling overly attached to some people, things, or experiences.

    I have been avoiding issues, putting off some obligations.

    I have felt unmotivated, withdrawn, and not wanting to deal with life issues/changes.

    I have had difficulty leaving a relationship or job that is no longer good for me.

    6. Kapha Body

    I have had difficulty exercising even though I planned to do so.

    I have had sluggish elimination.

    I have felt swelling, or water retention in my body.

    I have had difficulty waking up and felt groggy in the mornings.

    I have been prone to emotional hunger; social drinking and I have put on weight lately.

    Results Interpreting your results

    The dosha category with the highest overall score is the dosha primarily governing your mind or body (respectively) at this moment in time. This may mean your doshas are out of balance. For each category:

    • 5-10
      • mostly in balance.
    • 10-20
      • can show an imbalance.
    • Over 20
      • is a significant imbalance.

    Strong agni creates ojas. Nourished body feels rested upon awakening. Skin has a healthy glow. Tongue is pink and clear. Mind is clear and alert and there is a feeling of stability and calm.

    Weak agni creates ama. Accumulated toxins create fatigue, pain, bodily weakness, or depression. Delicate digestion, coated tongue, dull complexion, disrupted sleep, and difficulties manifesting your intentions are symptoms of accumulation of toxins (mental, physical, or emotional).

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