Consultation options are tailored to meet diverse requirements in Astrology and Ayurveda.
    Please choose the one that best fits your needs.

    • Vedic Astrology Reading

      To initiate a consultation, submit your exact birth details (time, date, and place).

      Book a 75-minute live online exploration of your life journey through Vedic astrology reading via MS Teams. Discover the power of self-awareness and personal growth through comprehensive Vedic astrology reading!

      • Personality Insights:
        Understand your core personality traits and growth potential to navigate life with clarity and confidence.
      • Awareness of Limitations:
        Identify your strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions and overcome obstacles effectively.
      • Guidance on Activities:
        Learn which activities are auspicious or inauspicious for you, helping you align your actions with cosmic forces.
      • Explore Your Dharma:
        Gain profound insights into the essence of your life’s purpose and how to fulfill it.
      • Plan with Precision:
        Plan your future by understanding the influence of planetary movements and timelines, such as Mahadasha (ruling planet) and Gochara (planetary transits).

        The key benefits of a Vedic astrology reading are self-development, informed decision-making, and personal empowerment.


      Natal chart reading: 275 $
      Follow up reading: 149 $
      Vedic Astrology Reading
    • Short Jyotish Reading

      Have specific questions or need clarity on particular aspects of your life? Get precise answers with a 2-Question Vedic Astrology Reading. Submit your exact birth details (time, date, and place) along with your questions.

      Receive personalized, written responses within 72 hours, based on astrological insights from your natal and relevant divisional charts, tailored to your inquiries.

      • Targeted Advice:
        Obtain guidance or advice directly addressing your specific questions.
      • Clarity and Direction:
        Gain clear insights into the likelihood of success and the potential outcomes of your actions or intentions.
      • Time-Efficient:
        Perfect for those who prefer a focused approach without a full birth chart reading.                                                                                      What are the benefits of a 2-Question Vedic Astrology Reading?                                                                                                        
      • Effective Decision-Making:
        Make informed decisions with targeted advice based on your astrological data.
      • Quick Turnaround:
        Receive timely responses to your questions, helping you move forward with confidence.
      • Tailored to You:
        Ensure the reading is highly relevant by articulating your intentions and limitations when formulating your questions.

        This reading offers astrological advice tailored to your specific inquiries, providing clarity, likelihood, or potential for success in your intent or action.

      Price: 95 $
      Short Jyotish Reading
    • Ayurveda Consultation

      To initiate a consultation, please submit your Prakruti, Vikruti, and Ama-Ojas quizzes as instructed.

      Embark on a journey to holistic health with a personalized Ayurveda consultation via MS Teams. During this 75-minute live session, a detailed Dosha evaluation is discussed, covering all aspects of your lifestyle. Following the consultation, you will receive a customized self-care plan via email, designed to enhance your well-being.

      • Personalized Dosha Evaluation:
        Understand your unique mind-body constitution to tailor health practices that suit your needs.
      • Holistic Lifestyle Assessment:
        Gain insights into every aspect of your lifestyle, from diet and exercise to daily routines and sensory therapies.
      • Custom Self-Care Program:
        Receive individualized diet recommendations, exercise or asana suggestions, and a daily routine (dinacharya).
      • Balance Restoration:
        Address imbalances in your body and mind through targeted techniques and lifestyle changes.
      • Enhanced Well-being:
        Improve digestion, mental clarity, and emotional balance with personalized advice aimed at restoring inner balance. 

        Experience the benefits of personalized wellbeing plan. Unlock your best health by understanding and nurturing your dosha. Customized lifestyle health plan is your guide toward a balanced and vibrant life.


      Initial consultation: 275 $
      Follow up: 95 $
      Ayurveda Consultation
    • Astro-Ayurveda

      For this consultation, please complete the Prakruti, Vikruti, and Ama-Ojas quizzes and submit your birth details (exact time, date, and place of birth). Completing the surveys is easy and only takes a few minutes.


      Unite the Wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda. Experience a unique 90-minute session via MS Teams that integrates insights from your Vedic natal chart with an analysis of your Ayurvedic dosha (mind-body type). This comprehensive approach offers a deep understanding of your personality, growth potential, and life’s purpose, while simultaneously addressing your physical and emotional well-being.

      • Clarity on Personality Traits:
        Understand your inherent traits and growth potential through astrological insights.
      • The essence of Dharma:
        Discover your life’s purpose and how to align with it for a more fulfilling existence.
      • Ayurvedic Dosha Analysis:
        Analyze your doshas and Vikruti to understand your unique mind-body constitution and current imbalances.
      • Personalized Well-being Plan:
        Tailored recommendations covering nutrition, mindful movement techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to optimize your health.
      • Harmonized Planetary Influences:
        Learn how to harmonize your planetary influences to enhance overall well-being.

        Experience the transformative power of Astro-Ayurveda! Gain profound insights into your personality, growth potential, and life’s purpose, while enhancing your physical and emotional well-being.


      Price: 365 $
    • Chakra Reading

      Please complete your Chakra quiz and Sattva, Rajas, Tamas survey, and send your birth details (exact date, time, and place).


      Are you feeling lost, isolated, or overwhelmed by self-doubt and toxic relationships? Do you seek a deeper connection with your mental and emotional intuition? A 60-minute online consultation on chakra reading offers profound insights to help you raise your vibration and achieve the inner balance you’ve been longing for.

      • Understand your Energetic profile:
        Gain clarity on the states of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas and understand how they influence your emotional and mental well-being.
      • Balance your Chakras:
        Explore the balance of your chakras and receive a Reiki distance healing session using Dr. Usui’s Enkaku Chiryo Ho visualization technique.
      • Raise Your Vibration:
        Learn how to elevate your vibrational frequency to establish lasting inner balance and emotional clarity.

      Learn effective methods for chakra balancing and emotional detox to improve your daily life.

      Price: 185 $
      Chakra Reading


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